Oda Alida

Kuhlvin — A website

Year 2023


Web developer


Wordpress (php)
Visual Studio Code

Design team

Charlie Persson
Andreas Bergendahl
And me


Kuhlvin is a wine supplier company started by the founder, Sophie Kuhlvin. She has always had a passion for wine, and her dream has been to bring the best and most affordable wines to people. Kuhlvin wanted help in developing a website that could capture the wine enthusiast interest.

Problem solving

How to create an accessible and user-friendly website with an eye-catching color palette and engaging storytelling, in a non-e-commerce way?

Image of several greyboxes Image of several greyboxes

Process + implementation

During my internship at Milk I have had the opportunity to work with Kuhlvin. After an extensive processing of the brand and greybox phase done by my colleges, I also dived into the project to continue building the UI design in Figma along with Charlie. As the design began to be ready, it was time for me to jump into Wordpress. The website is build with php code, the plugin ACF as well as html and SCSS.

I also photographed the product images for the website.

Mobile mockup
Image of several greyboxes Image of several greyboxes

CSS animations

During this project I have gained knowledge in creating css animations. So fun!


Stylesheet Stylesheet
Image of several greyboxes Image of several greyboxes

The result

Kuhlvin.se resulted in a user-friendly website with Wordpress CMS and hard-coded php, which, despite its complexity is perceived as easy to navigate for both customers and visitors. The website is presented in a way that aligns with Sophie's vision and personality, as seen in the customer meeting. As a beginner in WordPress and PHP, building Kuhlvin.se presented an opportunity to expand my skills and become more proficient.

this is a video of the product